League of Legends Patch 14.9: What to Expect?

League of Legends Patch 14.9 is about to shake up the meta! Skarner, fresh off his rework, is getting

League of Legends Patch 14.9: What to Expect?

League of Legends Patch 14.9 is about to shake up the meta! Skarner, fresh off his rework, is getting some adjustments to keep things balanced. But he’s not alone – several champions are receiving buffs and nerfs, and bruiser items are getting an update. We are here to tell you about all the changes that are going to hit the Rift once the new LOL patch goes live. 

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League of Legends Patch 14.9: What’s Changing?

Skerner Nerfs 

Skarner’s recent upgrade has him packing a serious punch. His increased mobility, utility, and crowd control make him a dominant force in the jungle. To prevent him from completely warping the meta, developers are applying some nerfs in LOL patch 14.9.

Bruisers Get a Gear Shift!

Bruisers haven’t quite found their footing after the removal of Goredrinker. LOL patch aims to diversify their item builds by:

Buffing forgotten favorites: Death’s Dance, a previously underused item, is getting a power boost to make it a more attractive pick.

Toning down top performers: Overly dominant options like Sterak’s Gage and Sundered Sky are receiving nerfs to create a more balanced playing field.

These adjustments should encourage experimentation and open up new build paths for bruisers, making them a more dynamic force on the battlefield.

What the Developers Want? 

This LOL patch focuses on balancing the fighter class through item adjustments. Three fighter items will receive nerfs, while two underused ones get buffed. This aims to create more diverse build paths and strategic choices for fighters. Many gamers resort to online platforms to buy League accounts, seeking to enhance their gaming experience.

Additionally, champion hitboxes are getting a global update to ensure consistency across the board. This should improve clarity and fairness during combat. This is a long-awaited quality-of-life improvement. 

Now, hitboxes will better reflect the champion’s actual size, making both attacking and selecting them much smoother. This means no more feeling like Warwick is a tiny yordle you can’t quite click on, or struggling to target Viktor because his hitbox seems a size too big. As a result, the gameplay will feel more precise and satisfying. 

Here’s a breakdown:

Fighter Item Changes:

Three fighter items will be toned down.

Two underused options will receive buffs.

Champion Hitbox Updates:

Hitboxes for all champions will be adjusted for consistency.

These changes should improve the fighter class’s overall balance and make champion interactions fairer.

When is League of Legends Patch 14.9 Dropping?

League of Legends Patch 14.9 is scheduled to launch on May 1st, 2024. If Riot goes with the usual release pattern, Oceanic servers will receive the LOL patch first, with a gradual rollout across other regions throughout the day. Here’s a quick reference for key timings based on your server:




Korea: 8 AM KST

Be prepared for a brief server downtime as the Leagues of Legends patch goes live. Additionally, matchmaking queues will be disabled roughly three hours beforehand.

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